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LOLER Inspections

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Insertion Checks

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Inspection Process

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Thorough Inspection Charges

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LOLER Inspections

All the arboricultural equipment that is used in climbing, rigging or lifting needs to be inspected on a regular basis. In order to comply with the law and insurance requirements the following checks and inspections must be carried out:

        • An Insertion Check by a competent person of any new kit purchased before use for the first time unless the equipment has a (valid) EC Declaration of Conformity i.e. less than one year old. This documentation will normally be issued by any reputable arboriculture/forestry supplier on purchasing the item.
        • A visual check by the end user of the equipment every time it is used.
        • A logged weekly inspection by the end user.
        • A thorough inspection of all kit either every 6 months (climbing) or 12 months (rigging).
        • A thorough inspection following exceptional circumstances including, but not limited to:

– damage or failure;
– being out of use for long periods; and/or
– major changes likely to affect the equipment’s integrity e.g. modifications or replacement/repair of critical parts.


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Insertion Checks

When buying a new piece of kit, before you can start using it, you must record its serial number and/or give it a unique identification number and have it checked for safe use. This is its Insertion Check and is an essential first step in the process for maintaining that equipment’s history. TreeMind can carry out all your Insertion Checks for you.


The charge per item depends on the complexity of the item and the time involved. The table below provides a guide to the estimated charge per item.

Simple Items e.g. Karabiners, Slings, Cambium Savers, Hitchcords           £5

More complex items e.g. Pulleys, Friction Devices,                                      £10

Large items e.g. Harnesses, Helmets                                                             £15


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Inspection Process

If your kit is not already on our system you will need to :

        • Mutually agree the items to be inspected.
        • Review our simple Terms and Conditions – this ensures that you have understood your responsibilities and are happy with the way that we will manage your equipment.
        • Provide your company details.
        • Provide all the relevant serial numbers and identification numbers of each piece of equipment along with their :

-purchase dates;
-start of use dates;
-provide copies of your regular maintenance checks.

With all this in place, TreeMind will complete an individual checklist for each piece of equipment.

If there are any issues with anything we will record these. On inspection, each individual item will be classified as follows;

  • Good. The item is FIT and has passed its inspection
  • To Monitor. The item is FIT and has passed its inspection BUT needs to be monitored (monitoring checks to be carried out and recorded by you) and returned for a further inspection at a stated date
  • To Repair. The item is UNFIT and has failed its inspection BUT could pass a further inspection once repaired.
  • Reject. The item is UNFIT, has failed its inspection and must be destroyed.

Items that have passed their inspection will be returned to you.

Items that have not passed their inspection will be placed in quarantine, secure until  the item ban be discussed with you and a course of action decided.

If an item has not passed its inspection but is subsequently repaired, it will need a new inspection and the process will start again from the beginning. It will be deemed FIT or UNFIT subsequent to the second inspection.

Depending on the type of equipment and the manufacturer’s instructions, the item will need to be inspected regularly and your Inventory will include the date showing when the next inspection is due.

Once you have taken back your kit and received your Inventory you can continue to monitor records and ongoing inspections.


Some Helpful Tips to Prevent Your Equipment Failing a Thorough Inspection

1. It helps to have a quick chat about the kit before you hand it over to us

2. Please bring in all paperwork that relates to the kit including any records of your own checks and inspections

3. Please bring in clean kit for inspection

4. Please avoid putting stickers on your kit

5. If in doubt ask us. We’re here to help whether this is with record keeping and/or keeping up to date with what is required by law.


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Thorough Inspection Charges

(no VAT to be added)


1 Average Climbing Kit (to include up to 30 items, one rope and one harness )     £45

1 Large Climbing Kit ( to include 30 – 50 items, three ropes and one harness )      £65

1 Average Rigging Kit (to include up to 10 items, and three ropes)                            £50

1 Large Rigging Kit (to include 10 – 20 items and six ropes )                                       £70

Extra Rope or Harness – £5 per item

Extra small items such as Karabiners, Pulleys, Hitchcords, etc £3 per item. Larger more complex items (friction devices etc) £5 per item


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Terms and Conditions for Thorough Inspections

These Terms and Conditions set out the basis on which the Thorough Inspection of Equipment is undertaken by TreeMind, the responsibilities of the owner of the equipment and the responsibilities of TreeMind.

After signing this document, the customer is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

The Thorough Inspection is carried out by Ken MacLennan who has qualified as a Competent Person.

A Competent Person is a person with a full understanding of the potential hazards related to the equipment and the work it may be used for, appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the equipment to be thoroughly examined as enables them to detect defects or weaknesses, and to assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the equipment, and the ability to specify appropriate remedial action.

The Thorough Inspection is not a guarantee but is an opinion of the Competent Person of the condition of the inspected equipment relative to the evidence supplied to them by its owner on its providence and subsequent maintenance and upkeep.


Responsibilities of the Owner

You assure that you have undertaken, and have provided such evidence to prove that you have undertaken, all required maintenance checks and inspections as recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment.

You assure that the equipment to be inspected has been used appropriately and safely according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and has not been modified, damaged or stored unsafely.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the inspection you agree to promptly give TreeMind written notice specifying the matters about which you are dissatisfied and allow TreeMind to attempt to resolve the matters with you within 28 days of receipt by TreeMind of such written notice before taking any remedial action or incurring any costs.

Ken MacLennan T/A TreeMind 10 Ferryhill Place, Aberdeen, AB11 7SE, +44(0) 7747184092 –


Responsibilities of TreeMind

Inspections will only be carried out but a qualified Competent Person and TreeMind will make available evidence of qualifications on request.

TreeMind will supply written details of the inspection and certification of the outcome of the inspection for each item of equipment inspected.

TreeMind assures that it will store all equipment in a secure, locked room overnight and under close supervision of the Competent Person at all other times

TreeMind assures that it will store equipment in a manner that is not detrimental to the integrity of the equipment i.e.

  • Temperature – all equipment will be stored in an environment maintained at suitable temperature
  • Storage – all equipment will be stacked, hung or racked in a suitable manner so as not to cause damage and to optimise the integrity of the equipment
  • Cleanliness – all equipment will be stored in a clean environment
  • Usage – equipment will be used only where it is necessary to test its safety and for no other reason
  • Tampering – equipment will be stored securely where it is unable to be tampered with with and will be handled only by the Competent Person or the Owner

TreeMind’s liability is limited to the provision of the inspection report which assumes the proper providence, maintenance and upkeep of the equipment prior to it being handed over by the Owner.

TreeMind has a duty by law to retain (in quarantine) or to destroy equipment which, in the opinion of the Competent Person, is unfit for use. Equipment deemed as unfit will not be returned to its Owner.

The inspection report remains valid only until the date which the Competent Person states is the date that the equipment needs to be re-inspected. If the equipment is modified or damaged following the issue of the inspection report the report becomes invalid with immediate effect.

The inspection report and any appendices and attachments, as issued by TreeMind takes precedence over any oral advice you have been given or previous reports pertaining to the same piece of equipment.

These Terms and Conditions are in addition to, and do not replace or remove, any rights or implied guarantees conferred by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or any other consumer protection legislation.

Ken MacLennan T/A Treemind 10 Ferryhill Place, Aberdeen, AB11 7SE, +44(0) 7747184092 –